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Server Requirements

  • Must be at least a Pentium 200 or equivalent.

  • Must have at least 32 MB of RAM.

  • Must run some flavor of Unix/Linux (BSD preferred).

  • For North American servers, link speed must be at least T-1 (1.544 MB/s).

  • For servers outside of North America, link speed should be at least 1 MB/s up/down.

  • DSL, cable, and other "home subscriber" connections will rarely be considered for linkage. Possible exceptions may include servers on a stable connection in a non-North American location in which ShadowWorld does not already have a server, and which the Routing Committee specifically expresses an interest in pursuing for a testlink.

  • Additional requirements may apply on a case-by-case basis; consult with a Network Administrator on IRC or by e-mail prior to applying if you have special concerns regarding your eligibility for linkage.

  • All prospective applicants are encouraged to visit ShadowWorld, register their nicknames with our Services, and become a regular user of the network prior to submitting a server application.

  • All server applications approved by the Routing Committee will be accepted for a mandatory testlink phase of no less than 30 days. Permanent linkage status will be decided by a vote of all current non-testlink Server Administrators. No servers will be considered for linkage without a full testlink period.

  • Please read all of the information on this page, as well as all information on the linkage application page, prior to filling out an application. It is also recommended that applicants read ShadowWorld's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) prior to applying; this AUP applies to all servers, their administrators, IRC Operators, and users.

Linkage Requirements

  • Servers may choose one individual as Server Administrator, another individual as Server Co-Administrator, and have not more than 3 non-administrative Local IRC Operators at the time of linkage.

  • Server Admins must have shell account access to the account on which the IRC server is run. Server Co-Admins may also have shell account access, at the Server Admin's discretion. IRC Operators should not have shell access to the account on which a server is run.

  • New servers, as well as servers presently linked to the ShadowWorld network, must compile in a timely fashion, all new releases of the ShadowWorld server code. This is to prevent exploits, bugs and/or desync conditions from compromising the network's performance.

  • All servers linked to the ShadowWorld IRC Network must have port 6667 available for uninterrupted use solely on ShadowWorld unless otherwise stipulated by the New Server Linkage Committee in conjunction with the Network and Server Routing Committee.

  • New servers will only be linked as Leaves initially, and must be compiled as such before linkage, unless the New Server Linkage Committee in conjunction with the Network and Server Routing Committee approves a new server for compiling and linkage as a Hub.

  • Should a server fail to meet one or more of the above conditions, the Network and Server Routing Committee may jupe (temporarily delink) or remove c/n:lines for the server until the unsatisfactory conditions are fixed. In the event of repeated failure to meet one or more of the above conditions for linkage, the Network and Server Routing Committee may decide to permanently delink the server in question and suggest that Network and Server Administration remove all access to the network by the delinked server's Admin, Co-Admin, and/or IRCops.

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